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8 ways to stay ahead of the curve with Web feeds

Dec 1, 2022 | Pro tips
8 ways to stay ahead of the curve with Web feeds

In today’s world of constant change, detecting it online can save you a surprising amount of time and help you make better decisions. Inoreader’s Web feeds feature gives you the ability to monitor whole pages or separate elements without RSS and get notified whenever there have been any visual or textual changes (tutorial on how to set this tracking up here). But how can you use Web feeds to make your life easier? Here are some tips from the Inoreader team:

1. Detect price drops and promotions

You know that new phone (PC, laptop, or game console) you have been eyeing for a while now? Chances are you’re waiting for a better price to justify your purchase. But smart shopping doesn’t have to mean countless hours spent online, searching for the latest deals and promotions. With Inoreader Pro, you can use the Track changes feature to do that for you. There is a seasonal sale coming up? Just select the prices of items you wish to follow and get notified whenever there’s a change. Traveling soon? Get your plane tickets at the lowest price by getting notified about discounts and reduced fares. From Christmas gifts to essential goods and expensive purchases, you can get the best prices with no effort using Web feeds!

2. Get notified about product availability

You’ve decided to make a purchase, but now the item you want is no longer available. Don’t get discouraged, you can still be among the first to learn when the product is back in stock thanks to the Track changes feature. Set up alerts for changes in the size, color, or overall product availability with our Web feeds, and never miss out on great items again!

3. Be the first to learn about upcoming events

Your favorite band is going on tour, but not all dates and venues have been announced yet. Will you spend your whole day refreshing the ticket portal’s website to get the news first? There’s no need to. What you can do instead is track changes by selecting the whole web page and get notified whenever new dates and locations have been added to the list. Another way to do this is to turn the list itself into a Web feed. This way, you’ll get all new entries in your Inoreader feeds as soon as they appear online. No matter which approach you choose, you can now get the best seats and all the applause thanks to Inoreader!

4. Book last-minute appointments

If you’re used to booking appointments with the doctor, dentist, or hairdresser online, you know the frustration of entering their website and realizing there are no available openings in the upcoming weeks. Sometimes, however, slots can get freed at the last minute and there is little time to react if you want to fill in the spot. Using the Track changes feature, you can select the whole page and let Inoreader alert you when a window opens up for you to book your next appointment!

5. Keep an eye on the competition

Every good marketer knows that tracking the competition is a key step to adjusting your business strategy. Using Web feeds, you can monitor the selling prices of your competitors, and stay up to date with their current promotions, customer reviews, new content, team and career pages. To make it even easier, you can categorize all elements you follow in folders and label them with tags. Set up your feeds, let Inoreader do the work, and enjoy the best market intel coming straight to you!

6. Land a job at your favorite company

Looking for new career opportunities? Track the job openings page of your favorite company with a custom Web feed and get notified whenever new positions get announced. No more scrolling through endless job boards and corporate websites – Inoreader tailors the recruitment process to fit your taste!

7. Become a pro at property hunting

Considering the current state of the housing market, finding an offer that covers both your needs and your price expectations can be hard. Be the first to know about new listings that match your criteria with Inoreader! Apply relevant filters to the property websites you wish to follow and create Web feeds from the results pages. This way, you’ll get notified whenever something new appears. Who knows, your dream home might soon be waiting for you to discover in your Inoreader feed!

8. Make better investments and trading decisions

Given the uncertain directions markets can go into, it’s important to stay up to date with sudden changes and know when the best time to trade is. Using Web feeds, you can track changes in public portfolio listings and fund management details, as well as monitor pricing changes in stocks and commodities. This way, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions when it comes to your investments and personal finance.

Inoreader Pro tip: For important updates, you can boost your feeds and combine them with Rules to set up push notifications and get alerts as soon as changes have appeared.

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