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Switching to GUI

In the last post, I introduced the need of abstracting the input/output (and other dependencies) and how it would let us easily change the input/output without change our game.We have replaced the console input/output by an AWT window and the code is almost the same.Now, we request a canvas AWT for input and output that implements our interfaces.package...

I just create a game jam did anyone want to join?

I create my own game jam did anyone want to joinIf you want to join link is

Definition of EBITDA with games business model

Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, AmortizationI wonder if the Amortization can be applied to the loan for UA. Let's say I take a loan for $1.5M to fund UA and operations (user acquisition)Let's say I pay 5% interest per year, amortized over 3 years Interest for year 1: approximately 75KAmortization is approximately 500K for the first year...

The Adventures of Micah III: The Mysterious Kidnapping

Micah's two friends, Sarah and Jessica, have vanished during a power outage at school!!! There are so many questions to be asked here. Where are they? What's happened to them? Find out as Micah takes on the case and tracks down evidence that lead to alleged witnesses and/or suspects involved with their disappearance. Could they be kidnapped? If so,...

Law Printers

Top Canon printers leave nothing else to be required; they essentially offer buyers with the best of everything head for printers. Standard is possibly the best name on earth, in the printing field, at any rate in the whole business of inventive improvement approaches things. Mentioning has a wide degree of things, and in everything part, the brand...

car wing mirror

We are specialize in supplying Quality wing mirrors at low prices , High Quality audi driver/near side Wing Mirror Glass, audi passenger/off side Wing mirror. We also sell wing mirror cover and wing mirror indicator. You also get an easy replacements with free delivery service.

Dependency Inversion Principle

Coupling is a big problem when your code starts growing. In our first monolithic version we are calling input/output functions several times. What happens if you want to replace the CLI console with a GUI? You will need to change code all over the place. Of course, you can create a class to narrow the changes to only one class, in some way you will...


We'll start the game engine with some simple games like hangman, memory, mine finder, multiply, match3, … One important characteristic is that they don't need any type of collision detection, no need of high FPS, and they are basically event driven. The user takes an action and the game reacts to that action/event.I don't have a predefined architecture...

Pembroke Pines Real Estate - Rapid Growth

Organized in the Southern Broward County 15 miles from downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale is the city of Pembroke Pines. Topographically, the city is orchestrated at 26°02463N, 80°182493W and is confined by Hollywood toward the north and east, Miramar toward the south and Everglades toward the west. The city has a space of around 35 miles square and...

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