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Professional Developer Looking for Side Project

Hello!I've worked on several non-game projects such as projects for the US military and the EPA. I'm familiar with many different development technologies. I've got some free time so I'm looking for a project I can lend my skills to.

"Unexist Pre-Alpha testing

I am working with the Adventure Game studio engineTesting the walk behind and walking path, also some transparencylearn a lot from my mistakes, i need to make the paths wider and make my life easier by avoiding some tricky perspectives

[Rev-Share] Yami is Looking for Artists and Programmers!

Project Name: YamiProgram/Language: [Unity using C#, version 2019.2.0F1, GitLab use for version control.]Roles Required: [Pixel Artist, UI Pixel artist, Animator]Unity ProgrammerThis position requires knowledge of git and or Sourcetree as well as some expe

PBR materials, data structure

Hi all,I've started diving into the wonderful world of PBR, currently my engine uses ‘oldskool’ non-PBR, so my materials have a diffuse map, normal map, metal true/false and a bunch of color values.Before I dive into updating my shaders, I've tried to define a new data structure for my materials, ready for PBR.Goal:- have 1 material data structure I...

does anyone use "the kit" and how do you like it?

The Game Dev Kit is enticing, but before I pull the trigger on it I wanted to get other devs opinions of the product. I know that this kit has been around a while, Is it maintained and kept up to date with current legal methods? Also looking for general reviews of the product. Thanks in advance

Jos Family Law

Company Name - Jos Family Law​Category - LegalAddress - 1938 N Batavia St Suite D, Orange, CA 92865Phone Number - (714) 733-7066Description - Jos Family Law will assist you with a wide range of services to help you through the legal processes like Child Support, Child Custody, Mediation, Alimony, and More.Find out how a dedicated, driven, and determined...

Game Developers experience- Nintendo Switch

Hello Gamedev community, I am a passionate Game Designer that is currently working on a really exciting Nintendo Switch project for Den of Thieves Games. The Joy-Con controllers have a very powerful hardware that is often left under the radar and my task is to showcase to Game Developers just how much more they can achieve with it than what is currently...

Update: The menus, gaming options and locomotion in Slum Ville.

While some of the menus are still not active, the Settings, pause in game (P Key) and loading level are implemented. Most of the graphic settings are working, which give the option to test the speed of the game with many configuration. High end graphic cards are supported with options like DLSS or Raytracing.Here is a video showing the game loading...

Finding a good solution to unit movement in my game

Hello everyone,I need some advice/ opinions on what combination of pathfinding solutions could I use to approach my problem. I have this setup currently . Two armies approach eachother from different parts of the screen, units are about 32x32 but may vary in size. Each unit should approach its closest enemy and take up a...


dont actually play this i aint done and dont know if i will get done lol

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