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Imagining only the weapon

“that's probably not what fleabay tried to say. ”

Imagining only the weapon

Indiana Jones (always) winsNope. He gets beaten up, has no luck, always the worst case is happening. He struggles, but then he still manages.This makes him a bit of an anti hero, and a likable character.James Bond always wins. He's superior, has every situation under control, can do everything.This makes him a hero, and an desirable and attractive,...


extra lives mod stregnth

Questions about VG composing.

Hey guys, so i’m an aspiring video game composer, and I have a couple questions About the industry. First question being, how much coding / implementing does the composer actually do, and how do I practice? Second question is, how do I build up a portfolio in a presentable way? Last question being, what are good ways to find small games / projects to...

Imagining only the weapon

Indiana Jones (always) wins (there`s no need to even say it).

Any resources for making a turn based strategy game in C++?

As per question. Please any blogs/tuts/books?I basically want to make a 3d heroes of might and magic clone game.

How to make mesh edges to be "worn out"?

How do I make mesh edges (between faces that have different normals) to have different (washed out) color, like a gradient going from the edge towards the center of the face?My best bet is to check all triangles' vertices, figure out which make matching edges, then pass an attribute color to vertex shader and somehow mix it with diffuse color via barycentric...

Sentara Wavenet Employee Login –

Sentara WaveNet Account includes the features of accepting or scheduling your paychecks, direct access to Sentara Employee Benefits, Sentara Employee Workdays, location or timing schedules of working, managing your online account, health coverage plans, home health, and hospice services, physical therapy, and rehabilitation services, and specialized...

Pearl Lemon Interview

Pearl Lemon Interviews get submitted to us a lot, and we are always open to ideas and pitches. We’ve compiled this overview of hosting type & industries our coverage in the industry and what both parties can expect.Pearl Lemon is a creative marketing agency that specializes in social media, digital marketing and content creation. They work with...

Top Game Development Company in India

Game Climax is the most trusted and Best Game Development Company in India and now we are spreading our roots in some foreign countries too. Games developed by Game Climax are legit and these games are designed in a way that if a person starts playing the game then that person lost his mind and gets addicted to the game. We have a team of skilled game...

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