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ALiEn is a GPU-based open-source physics engine focused on demands for artificial life computations. It contains a software tool designed to simulate digital organisms embedded in artificial ecosystems and to mimic conditions for (pre-)biotic evolution. The underlying engine simulates kinematic and thermodynamic processes of damageable and bondable...

hardscape landscaping

hardscape rentals - We are a landscape contractor in Singapore that provides hardscape landscaping services, sales and plant rentals on the highest standards and quality resulting in maximum benefits to the clients.Nursery Address: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane

Problem with Android Manifest

Guys, working with Vive Wave SDK. In AndroidManifest : <activity android:name="" android:configChanges="density|fontScale|keyboard|keyboardHidden|layoutDirection|locale|mnc|mcc|navigation|orientation|screenLayout|screenSize|smallestScreenSize|uiMode|touchscreen" android:enableVrMode="@string/wvr_vr_mode_component">...

Trending Flow in Stock Market Profile in Intraday Investing Pattern

It is hard to gauge the financial exchange. Above all else, remember that you can turn into a decent financial specialist in Orderflow or merchant of the securities exchange by taking a gander at it in a good way. Clearly, for this, you should be extremely solid essentially. Even though you will be exceptionally pro in this field, yet i

Order Flow charts dated 18th September 2020

Trading Order Flow allows a trader to see the specific price where a trade has hit the market, along with the volume of that trade. This information is extremely valuable and allows a trader to generate substantial revenue by using this information to trade. The way we see it is that Order Flow trading is a mindset. Well, instead of just looking for...

ACotGK: Quest Order Bug

Found a “neat” bug today, replaying Chapter 1 for testing purposes. Here’s what happens. The party enters the final fortress for Chapter 1, and is presented with a locked door in front of them: Fortress entrance. On clicking on the locked door,

Unity Project! The Next Big Thing!

Hey guys, I recently started a build on my project a couple days ago, but I've been writing the details down for about a week or so. The game concept is solid, but I'm sure it will take time to complete. I am currently looking to build a small team. As said the game will be built in unity as the engine is powerful and pretty noob friendly for people...

HTML5 Canvas Game Animation Libraries

I wanted to share our experiences using different libraries on our card games site. Through a mix of original programming, refactoring, and using some open source libraries, we've had the benefit (or curse!) of learning of multiple different ways to animate our card games. I wanted to quickly review the different methods we've tried.Handwriting Canvas...

Vulkan buffer alignment

Hey guys!What are the requirements for offset alignment of vertex, index and indirect buffers when you suballocate them from a big buffer? They do not seem to be explicitly specified in VkPhysicalDeviceLimits.Edit: I guess, you can always create VkBuffer of the above type and then use VkGetBufferMemoryRequirments and alignment field in VkMemoryRequirements...

Early Access Release

Zibbs - Alien Survival is out in Early Access on Steam!​

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