The Art and Science of Mobile Game Design
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Is the HyperCasual market still healthy and growing in 2020?

HyperCasual is a perplexing genre for many creators of mobile games. When you download a game about Ironing, Coloured Sand or WaterSlides you wouldn’t expect them to be the most popular games on the store, downloaded up to 20 million times in a month. The simplicity of the titles and the scale of audience is both shocking and inspiring. HyperCasual...

Sat Feb 1, 2020 09:04
Deconstructing Empires & Puzzles

Guest Author: Niek Tuerlings / Writer at Zynga is doing well, very well. Even more so since the first of January this year. This was the date that the Social Game giant had acquired Small Giant Studios, as was announced two weeks earlier. The main reason for this acquisition was the success of Small Giant’s hit game, Empires & Puzzles....

Mon Jun 3, 2019 18:13
TWIG 33 – The Expanding Epic Store

Hey, another podcast this week. I had the pleasure of joining Joseph Kim and Eric Kress on another edition of “TWIG” (This week in games”). This week we focused on Epic’s PC Store expansion with signing more exclusives (Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon) and acquiring some key studios (Psyonix). Also have a brief discussion on upcoming legislation and PSNow subscriptions....

Wed May 22, 2019 15:32
TWIG 28: Snapchat, Apex Legends, Idle Miner, and Anthem

Had the privilege of joining “TWIG” (This Week in Games) – a podcast by Miska Katkoff, Joseph Kim, and Eric Kress talking about the latest trends in Games. Check here for a listen: TWIG Podcast Big thanks to Miska, Joseph and Eric for having me on! Source

Thu Apr 11, 2019 01:37
GDC 2019: Deconstructing Idle Miner Tycoon

Michail (Miska) Katkoff and I spoke at GDC this year, deconstructing two games we felt have shifted design in the mobile market since last GDC. Miska took on Brawl Stars, while I deconstructed a game called Idle Miner Tycoon. Here are our Slides: GDC 2019 : Deconstructor of Fun Breaking Down Top Mobile Titles from Adam Telfer The big question surrounding...

Wed Apr 3, 2019 16:04
GDC 2019 – Deconstructing Fun again!

2018 and the beginning of 2019 have been filled with changes for us at Mobile Free to Play. We’ve been incredibly busy, working with clients on their marketing, retention, and monetization to grow products and spot issues early in development. Starting in January I took a fulltime role at Warner Bros Interactive, leading initiatives in Digital Product...

Thu Mar 14, 2019 04:56

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