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Self Evaluation: Will I Be Successful Prospecting

Over the years, and after working with thousands of salespeople, I’ve found these ten questions determine your success in prospecting. I’m going to walk you through ten questions, and I want you to answer truthfully. The total number of yes’s...

Wed Apr 10, 2024 14:48
How to Make the Most of Each Day

You can increase your sales performance significantly just by practicing time management.  Time is one of our only resources in short supply. I’m going to share 10 strategies for how you can get control of your time.  ...

Wed Apr 3, 2024 14:05
How to Close the Deal, Convert the Relationship

Closing deals is about continuously converting sales relationships from prospect to long-term customer.  I don’t like the word close because it is synonymous with terminating, or ending. I want to convert and have the customer around for a...

Wed Mar 27, 2024 13:21
How to Build a Foundation of Competence and Customer Trust

We become credible when we become proactive in helping our customers. You can make active choices to build credibility, but in the end it’s customer perception that has the final say. This blog continues our series on The 7 C’s of Successful...

Wed Mar 20, 2024 11:48
5 Ways to Nurture Connections for Sales Growth

How good are you at connecting with people and remaining in touch with them?  Connection begins with your sales prospecting process. I can have the best product, the best price, the best service, the best everything, but if customers and...

Wed Mar 13, 2024 13:51
6 Steps to Customer-Centric Communication

It’s not about how we want to communicate. How does your customer want to? I find too many salespeople think that sales is all about emails, emails, emails, social media, emails, emails, social media.  It’s much more than that. If I want my...

Wed Mar 6, 2024 11:47


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