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Group articles by date

Sep 19, 2014 | News
Group articles by date

After the successful launch of our new feature allowing you to group articles by feed (thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on all channels!), we have decided to take grouping to the next level and we just added a new grouping option – Group by date.

Unlike the grouping by feed, this method works in all sections (with the only exception being the Trending section) and doesn’t need Unread only mode to be enabled.
When you scroll down the list, articles will be grouped together by date in the following groups – Today, Yesterday, Previous 7 days, Previous 30 days and then it will start grouping by month and by year.

Also the feed grouping will now obey the order of your feeds inside the folders (previously the most recently updated feeds were on top).

The Innologica team