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More control over search

Jun 2, 2014 | News
More control over search
TL;DR version: You can now search within specific time intervals. If you want to learn more, read on…

The ability to search through your entire collection of feeds is priceless. Combined with the fact that we keep indexed every single article of every feed from the moment it is added in Inoreader, it makes our search not only suitable for real-time results, but also for a great data mining tool.
For example you can subscribe to a feed, whose articles already disappeared from the web long ago, but they are still in our database and you can find them with searching.

Ever since the first days of Inoreader we knew searching is important and that’s why every now and they we add some features to it.

Last year we have added the ability to sort search results by date (newest or oldest) and relevance and advanced search syntax.

Later, when we introduced our Plus and Professional plans, we have added two new major features – Global Search and Active Search. The first is available only for Professional users and allows you to search outside of your subscriptions. The second is available to all users (with some limitations). It allows you to convert any ordinary search into active one. This means that the search will be saved in your subscriptions and whenever it matches something new, you will see it’s unread counter increment. Combined with Global Search, this can be very useful, especially if you need to keep track of hot topics and receive updates about them immediately, but you don’t know all sources that might post about them.

Note: Since January 2024, Active Search has transitioned into monitoring feeds. Find more details here.

Today we are announcing another feature, which will give you more control over your searches and will help you be more productive. You can now filter your search results based on predefined or custom time intervals.

The available options are Today, This week, This month, This year, All time (default) and Custom interval.

The last one is available for Plus and Professional users only and allows to search within specific dates.

We hope you will find our new additions useful and they will help you find the stuff you want quicker.

The Innologica team