Changelog from Dec 12 2013
New features and premium plans now available!

You can go to to see what's new and also to check out some FAQ that we've prepared for you.
Here's a little summary of the new features:

Rules - They are filters that can be applied to your feeds, just the way you organize your email inbox. You can enter multiple conditions like matching certain text in the title or author and then execute actions based on this. The actions can be many, including automatically marking the article as read, assign a tag to it or send it via email.
Active searches - They are very useful when you want to follow a certain search term. To use them, just do e regular search and then click the new Create Active Search button. This will create a new item in your subscriptions tree. It will be empty at first, but will start to fill when new articles matching your search terms arrive. You will also see an unread counter next to it when this happens. You can also see your active searches in our Android app and they are exported as regular tags in the API, so you will be able to see them even in 3rd party apps!
Audio players - Two versions are available. The first is inline which you can use directly in the article if it contains audio files. The other is a standalone player, which will continue to play even if you close the article. You can even build your own playlist.
Email address book with Gmail integration - It is available in the "Share via email" dialog, click on the icon after the "To" field.
Search in all public feeds (Pro only). It will allow you to search in articles beyond your subscriptions.
Unread counters above 1000. This will allow you to see the actual number of unread articles, waiting for you
Full RSS Feed for all subscriptions.

Today's release is a huge milestone for us, because this is the first time that this project will (hopefuly) be funded. Please keep in mind that when paying, you not only receive premium features, but you also support our team and help us shape the future of InoReader.

We want to thank you all for your continuous feedback and ideas. Without your support, we wouldn't be able to make it this far.

P.S. the new features were tested quite extensively in the last month, but closed beta tests are usually far from the real world. If you spot any bugs and issues, please contact us via our feedback form, email to or in our forums.
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