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Prime Day slashes up to 40% off Samsung’s 990 Pro, the fastest gaming SSD around

Prime Day 2024 has delivered a rather good deal on a rather good budget SSD, but now Amazon’s supersale settles down into its final hours, I think we can afford ourselves a look at something…spicier. Something superlative, in fact, as the Samsung 990 Pro is the single fastest NVMe SSD I’ve ever tested for game load speeds – and it can be yours for...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 18:31
Orcs Must Die! Deathtrap to continue killing Orcs in 2025 with new co-op thrills and roguelite progression

Back in 2011, Robot Entertainment released tower defender Orcs Must Die!, adding an exclamation mark to spark some urgency and also, irritate anybody who has to write about video games for a living, though not as much as the absolute maniacs behind Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Evidently, players did not sufficiently meet their demand for wanton Orc-massacring,...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 18:02
Surprising nobody, the Logitech G502 Hero mouse is up to 64% off on Prime Day

You know the drill by now. Big sale event, Logitech G502 Hero, legendary gaming mouse, yadda yadda yadda. This time it’s Prime Day 2024 making the cuts, with 64% off the G502 on Amazon UK and a lower (but still very deserving) 56% saving on Amazon US. Read more

Wed Jul 17, 2024 17:33
Flintlock: Siege Of Dawn review: a trim and sturdy Soulslite that's best enjoyed in the air

I increasingly judge Souls-adjacent games not by the height of their bosses or the depth of their dungeons, but the cleverness of their shortcuts, and Flintlock: Siege Of Dawn has my favourite shortcuts in an age. Rather than just being routes around to the other side of a barred door - though there are plenty such Lordrannish loops to find in...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 17:27
A few different Xbox Wireless Controller colours are £20 off for Prime Day, and not just the ugly ones

I don’t know if there’s a 'default' gamepad for playing controller-leaning games on PC, but if there is, it’s likely the Xbox Wireless Controller. Much in the same way that if you fancied a tin of beans, chances are you’d reach for classic Heinz, you just know that the Xbox pad will do the job. Unlike those saucy Haricots, however, I’ve always winced...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 16:58
Combine Prime Day with vouchers to get one of the best Steam Deck docks dirt cheap

Assuming you’ve already furnished your Steam Deck with a microSD card, your next stop on the accessories train should probably be a docking station. As luck would have it, Ugreen’s nifty 6-in-1 hub/stand combo is currently going extra-cheap, should you take up Amazon’s offer to stack a substantial Prime Day reduction with an additional voucher. Read...

Wed Jul 17, 2024 14:21

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