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Lollipop Chainsaw RePop will arrive on PC this September with 4K and 60fps support

Lollipop Chainsaw RePop, a refresh of the 2012 hack-and-slasher about a cheerleader fighting hordes of zombies, finally has a release date: September 25th. It also has a first trailer, showing it in action with the new, less violent "RePop mode". Read more

Sun Jun 16, 2024 01:07
Armello and Solium Infernum developers League Of Geeks are going "into hibernation"

League Of Geeks are going "into hibernation". The Australian developers behind fantasy strategy games such as the animal-themed Armello and hellish remake Solium Infernum said that their remaining staff are going to take an extended break, and they're not sure "when (or if)" they will revive the studio. Read more

Sun Jun 16, 2024 00:12
Wizard With A Gun developer Galvanic Games are closing down

The developers of Wizard With A Gun are closing down. Galvanic Games, who released the sandbox survival game last year, said that ongoing sales of the game were not enough to keep the studio going, and they'd run out of time to find funding for a new project. Read more

Sat Jun 15, 2024 23:51
What are we all playing this weekend?

You may notice there's a stowaway this week. He crept in during all the recent kerfuffle, and secreted himself in a cosy little nook of the treehouse. He was quickly discovered, but despite patient attempts to explain that it's been several years since he was last here, and as per tradition he's now dead to us, we've so far been unable to dislodge...

Sat Jun 15, 2024 10:07
Dragon Age's former lead writer has many, mostly positive thoughts on Veilguard's romance options, story and environments

Former Dragon Age lead writer and Summerfall Games co-founder David Gaider has strung together some opinions on Xitter - the original spawning ground for all opinions - about the full reveal video for Dragon Age: The Veilguard, expressing broad enthusiasm for the new RPG’s narrative tone, combat system and environments, while offering a more ambivalent...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 21:39
Jackbox Party Pack is finally adding a shared launcher to switch between the best of each game collection

There’ve been a ton of Jackbox Party Packs over the last near-decade, each following a fairly similar structure: one or two standout games you’ll want to replay, a couple you might dip into every now and then, and at least one you’ll try once and then never bother with again. With 10 different packs to pick from, it becomes an increasing fuss to remember...

Fri Jun 14, 2024 21:39


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