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The RPS Game Club pick for June is The Tartarus Key!

Following on from the lovely space highjinks of Citizen Sleeper, Katharine has unwisely allowed me to take the wheel on this month's RPS Game Club, and thus I am steering this baby right into fiendish puzzle town. Next stop: The Tartarus Key! It's only recently come out, so we're fresh to death this time - literally, because in it you're trapped...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 18:51
Vampire Survivors meets Diablo in Halls Of Torment

Itching to click on skeletons but not sure about Diablo 4? Have a gander at Halls Of Torment, a game I'll broadly describe as 'Vampire Survivors meets Diablo'. It lets you click on: so many skeletons. Halls Of Torment launched into early access last month and I've had a few hours of fun for a couple quid. The Diablo vibes are strong, it has some neat...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 16:39
Amnesia: The Bunker review: a grim yet refreshing horror bottle episode

More fool me for thinking the Amnesia story (a now-complex horror sci-fi epic about Cenobite-esque weirdos who gain immortality by drinking pain-milk extracted from people via torture at the hands of specially engineered torture-monsters) was done with Amnesia: Rebirth. Although, I suppose it actually is, because Rebirth is set in 1937, and Amnesia:...

Tue Jun 6, 2023 15:41
Diablo 4 is barely out, but Blizzard already have two expansions in the works

This year's prettiest RSI machine Diablo 4 arrives on PC in full today, having spent the few couple of days in early access. But even though it's barely out the gates of Hell, Blizzard are already thinking about the future of their mega RPG, confirming not one, but two expansions are already in the works. Read more

Tue Jun 6, 2023 12:53
Celebrate 15 years of EGX by coming down to our charity London pub quiz this Thursday

Our sister site Eurogamer is celebrating 15 years of EGX (aka: the Eurogamer Expo) this month, and they're holding a charity pub quiz in its honour down in London this Thursday, June 8th. Yes, yes, we know that's the same day as Geoff's Annual Trainer Showcase (aka: Summer Game Fest), but hey, at least it's for a good cause, with all proceeds going...

Mon Jun 5, 2023 23:20
This RTX 3070 Ti HP Omen 16 gaming laptop dropped from £1629 to £972

With the arrival of Nvidia RTX 40-series graphics cards in gaming laptops, models with previous-gen RTX 30-series cards are becoming super-affordable. Now you can get even high-models for less than £1000, including this HP Omen machine which includes a 16.1-inch 1440p 165Hz display, RTX 3070 Ti graphics card and Ryzen 7 6800H CPU for £972 on Amazon....

Mon Jun 5, 2023 22:33


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