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Destiny 2 is mighty lucky it has good shooting because it's impenetrable otherwise

In a twist of fate I've mentioned in some recent Destiny 2 news posts, I am fully back into Destiny. Former vidbud Liam and I used it, initially, as something we could do while catching up on life. But now? Now we're all in. Liam has created a spreadsheet of things we're ticking off to prepare for the upcoming expansion, and I think it's the perfect...

Wed May 22, 2024 17:31
You can get my old battered gamer chair for, oh I dunno, 50 quid?

I'm not sure it's even worth that, to be honest. Messed my back up a right old treat. Also, I have no idea what that stuff is, so don't bother asking. I'm not bloody posting it, either. Read more

Wed May 22, 2024 16:52
Hauntii review: an adventure as beautiful as it looks

Hauntii sets the scene with a rather magical opening sequence. A beam of light shoots out of a mysterious planet and a zoom in reveals the beam to be an asteroid, but not just any asteroid: a crystal shaped like a teardrop, with a little ghost nestled inside. You awaken as this little ghost, who it turns out, has crash landed in Eternity (and who,...

Wed May 22, 2024 16:03
The best Alices in PC games

At RPS we like Alices. When somebody comes along with the name "Alice" you don't just say "oh hi" like some insolent rube. You nod with solemn respect and you say, "Alice". An Alice is someone you should not take lightly, nor take for granted, nor leave unmonitored. For they will destroy worlds and build better ones while you are not looking. This...

Wed May 22, 2024 14:36

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