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Let your work productivity skyrocket

Oct 6, 2022 | Enterprise
Let your work productivity skyrocket

If you work in media (or any other field that requires a constant presence on the internet), you know the pain of having to switch between sources and scroll through endless feeds to get the information you need. Company websites, industry blogs, social media feeds, and business newsletters that fill up your inbox… Why can’t all relevant content come straight to you?

Actually, it can. With Inoreader, you can follow what’s important and filter out the noise. Read this article to learn how Inoreader can help you take back control of your newsfeed and boost productivity at the workplace!

Pick your sources

Let’s start with the basics. Think of the web media outlets you use in your daily work to gain professional insights. It could be anything: public service announcements, company updates, industry trends, or even Facebook posts. Wherever you find that information, make sure to include it in your Inoreader subscriptions.

You can do that in a couple of ways – either by following selected RSS channels (use our Search engine to help you find your feeds) or by building Web feeds for pages that don’t already have them (more on that here). If you feel like taking it up a notch, you can track keywords and phrases with our monitoring feeds.

Congratulations, you can now find all relevant content in one place! What’s next?

Organize your work feeds

Now that you have your feeds stacked, you will probably need some help organizing them. No worries, we’ve got you covered! Start by grouping them in Folders based on different topics you follow (e.g., Technology, Business, and Science). After that, you will be ready to build your own custom Dashboard where you can add gadgets to make your life easier during working hours.

Use the New articles gadget to show you fresh content from handpicked folders, go back and share Recently liked articles with others, keep an eye on Starred articles to read later, or monitor trends and media coverage via monitoring feeds.

If you’re new to Inoreader, use our Tips & Tricks gadget to help you navigate the platform effortlessly.

Save time and work smarter

Now that you have separated all professional content from your favorite entertainment feeds (Inoreader’s great for keeping up with those as well), you can use the time saved from chaotically scrolling online to optimize your content consumption during the day further.

Why not use commuting to the office as an opportunity to catch up with some Starred articles? Even if you’re driving, we’ve got your back with our text-to-speech feature.

Got some great ideas? Leave notes to save your thoughts on the go and annotate important passages to reflect on later.

If you still have to go through many articles to spot important updates, we’ve got some cool features that might help. Declutter your feeds by applying the Remove duplicates filter and make important phrases pop out with custom Highlighters. Even when you’re away, you can still get notified about essential updates using Rules.

Don’t want to keep the benefits of using Inoreader to yourself? Share the insights with your team! Set up regular email digests to keep your coworkers in the loop and promote collaboration with private work channels and dashboards. Learn more about our team plans here.

Inoreader: What’s in it for you?

We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate you making it to the end of this article. In case you want a quick summary, here is the TL;DR version of how you can use Inoreader to skyrocket your productivity at work:

  • Stay up to date and discover useful content with less effort.
  • Increase productivity by avoiding distractions during work hours.
  • Adjust the way you consume content depending on your current setting.
  • Keep your digital workspace organized.
  • Encourage collaboration and make content distribution easier within your teams.

Sounds too good to be true? Start using Inoreader today and see for yourself!

Pick your plan here and follow our blog for more updates and ideas.