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3 ways to score the best holiday deals with Inoreader

Nov 22, 2023 | Pro tips
3 ways to score the best holiday deals with Inoreader

It’s happening – Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé have woken up from their year-long slumber, marking the arrival of the holiday season. ‘Tis the time for cozy gatherings, family vacations, and elaborate plans to spend more time with those near and dear. And while some of us are caught up in the infectious holiday cheer, others find themselves grappling with the inevitable stress of picking the perfect presents that won’t empty their wallets.

If you find yourself nodding in agreement with the latter, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Just in time for the upcoming whirlwind of Christmas sales, we bring you the ultimate guide to navigating stress-free holiday shopping with Inoreader:

1. Get exclusive email offers

When it comes to online shopping, some of the best deals are reserved for the subscribers of company newsletters. Yet, we get it – having your personal inbox flooded with branded messages might not sound ideal. That’s where Inoreader’s newsletter subscription feature comes in handy, especially during the holiday hustle.

Instead of drowning in a sea of promotional emails, keep your inbox clean while staying ahead of the hottest deals by treating newsletters as regular RSS feeds. Create unique email addresses for each subscription and have the messages come straight to Inoreader as articles. This way, you can access all the best offers without getting overwhelmed.

2. Track discounts and availability

That new phone, headset, or gaming console you’ve been considering doesn’t have to remain out of reach. Smart shopping no longer means endless hours spent scouring the internet for the best deals – with Inoreader, you can let the Track Changes feature do the heavy lifting for you. Spotting a seasonal sale on the horizon? Select the prices of your desired items and receive notifications whenever there’s a change.

What if you’ve just made up your mind, but the item you had your heart set on is suddenly out of stock? The Track Changes feature can help in this situation as well. Be among the first to know when the product is available again by setting up alerts for changes in size, color, or overall availability through custom Web feeds.

3. Follow feeds sharing the best holiday deals

Picking the perfect presents doesn’t have to be an excruciating task. Dive into Inoreader’s featured feed collections to discover gift inspiration according to your loved ones’ preferences.

For tech enthusiasts, turn to feeds like Engadget, Mashable, and WIRED for in-depth product reviews that can help you make an informed decision. The bookworms in your inner circle are covered by Goodreads, where gift guides, award-winning titles, and reader recommendations take center stage. Food52 has some lists of ideas for the foodies in your life, suggesting an array of gifts for aspiring home chefs. For more versatile gifts for all interests and ages, turn to Wirecutter and their ‘reviews for the real world.’

Don’t limit yourself – explore the entire Product Reviews collection for a comprehensive look at recommended products across different categories. And here’s a pro tip: supercharge your followed feeds by boosting them, ensuring you get more frequent updates to stay in the loop when it comes to the latest holiday offerings.

Bonus tip: Combine with rules

Upgrade your shopping strategy by incorporating rules into your arsenal. Get notified whenever an important update is published to one of your newly followed newsletters, Web feeds, and RSS feeds, even while you’re not browsing Inoreader.

You can set up rules to send instant push notifications to your phone, keeping you updated on the go. To stay informed throughout your workday, you can configure rules to automatically send certain articles to your email. Desktop alerts are another efficient way to stay informed.

And there you go – you are now ready to crush this year’s holiday frenzy with Inoreader by your side! Discover stress-free shopping with our Pro plan, unlocking advanced features designed to make your time online more meaningful and enjoyable. Upgrade today and try it for yourself!